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Me too?

When the #Metoo campaign became common knowledge last year I realised how lucky I was to never have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault and my heart went out to all those that had been impacted upon and how it may still be affecting their lives. Then...

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Take your medicine

I find life is littered with many powerful analogies that apply to numerous aspects of our personal and professional lives and success. They can beautifully and powerfully draw our attention to obstacles and how to tackle them. These parallels can also enable us to...

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Mandie’s New Years Solution….

I'm often asked if I set goals and in January I'm inundated with questions about new year resolutions. Should I set them? Shouldn't I? What should they look like? How should I word them? Do I need to create micro actions? Do I have to get up early? Do I have to...

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Recipe for start up success

When I started my company, I had a phone and a laptop, neither were new or particularly high spec and I had a strong loathing of learning new tech. Years later my business has led to; Being asked to write a book for the UK’s leading nonfiction publishers. We recently...

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5 signs that your marketing sucks

Sorry to be a bit blunt however recently I’ve been inundated with private messages saying things like “Hi Mandie can you just share this please.” Or “Love your work Mandie, can you just tell everyone about what I do please?” Add that to the pile of emails asking me to...

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How to turn conversations into customers

Have you ever walked away from conversations thinking “Why didn’t I say that!”? or found that you lose your true voice when talking business or waffle on and then think "Why did I say that!" or that you wish the ground would swallow you up when asked “what do you do?”...

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How to kill your team spirit

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a worrying increase in the number of people looking to quit their “high Flying, this is what I’ve always wanted careers” for a different life. More and more people are becoming disenchanted and disengaged with working for large...

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The Shiny Thing Syndrome (The STS)

Of all the things that are big obstacles to success. I think the one that is the most frustrating for clients (rather than scary or stressful) is when The Shiny Thing Syndrome hits. Don’t know The Shiny Thing Syndrome? The STS (Shiny Thing Syndrome) is when you are...

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7 ways to get in the press for free

It’s been said that I make it look easy to get in the press, and while that may be true it really doesn’t in my viewpoint take rocket science for you to achieve that too. Admittedly this year I’ve worked closely with Voom Media run by Vanessa Moon, but that is purely...

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How to make sales come to you!

I'm often asked how I manage to look like I'm everywhere and gain new clients when I seem to have a lot of time to do the things I want to do, as well as look after my health. Well, I wouldn't ask you do to something that I'm not prepared to do myself! My Marketing...

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How to talk to people you don’t want to.

When coaching someone I will often come across a situation where someone is uncomfortable in confronting someone. Not “all across the bar in someone’s face Eastenders2 style, but how to get to the bottom of things like: Why have they not replied? Why have they...

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From South Africa with love…

I'm constantly inundated with messages from people who have read my latest book "Fight the Fear - how to beat your negative mindset and win in life" to tell me that this book has changed their lives. That is a real honor. I love that Chapter 1 tends to throw a curve...

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Book leads to speaking engagements for WH Smiths HO!

I'm honoured to speak for anyone that asks me and will always deliver something unique to that audience. Even if it is a subject I've covered a thousands times I will always write something fresh for that audience. And only in that audience will be those delegates so...

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Silly socks teaching lessons about people

I'm lucky enough to get in the press and on the radio quite often and recently I helped BBC Suffolk Radio with their "Hands off" campaign helping BBC Suffolk raise the profile of their campaign to get more of us to put the phone down when we get behind the wheel of...

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International Best Selling Author Interviews Mandie Holgate

Recently I was interviewed by best selling international author and speaker Gordon Tredgold. He asked to interview me because he had read my book and wanted more insights into the ideas and how I came up with them. (Especially since as Gordon mentions in the interview...

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