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I can’t do it!

There are times in our lives when we feel like we can't do it. Panic sets in. Fears escalates. Confidence takes a nose dive and we question our actions, our thoughts and even ourselves. When you feel that level of overwhelm it can be hard to know how to go on. "I'm...

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Too busy to have any time?

One of the things that clients often present to me is this illusion that "there isn't any time to do anything else!" Remember someone far cleverer than me said that "time is an illusion"? Actually it was Douglas Adams in the Hitchhikers guide and he added to that...

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Week 5 Masterclass – Homework

I have to start this week’s master class by saying “Go Nila!” Great to get such powerful feedback that you are not only getting new business from working with me in these master classes, but getting business while we are actually doing them, priceless!” So to...

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Master class 6

To back up week 6; What doe your environment do for your success? What is your business and personal ethos like? How does this impact on your success? What values matter to you? In this master class I share how Dawn Moss from Interview Coach and Utility Warehouse and...

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Master Class 4 Home Work From Your Big Fat Meany Head…

Hi it's your big fat meany head here..... Well if you want real results you have to not only watch the master class, you have to write down your back burners and ideas and then decide what actions you are going to take over the next week and then shock of shocks you...

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Master class 2 Homework – If you really want results…

To everyone that joined me on one of my first live master classes, thanks for being there. I can’t tell you how nerve wracking it is! It really is. I bet you are thinking, you Mandie, nervous? but yes. I get nervous too, the difference is I’m always ready to jump out...

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Master Class 3 Recap Home work – How’s it going?

So in this week’s Facebook live master class we worked on achieving your goals and what impacts on that success. I’ve a bit of a big fat Meany head (well I’m not known as “kick butt” and “results driven” for nothing!) and I deliberately didn’t post the backup notes...

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To Add Or Not To Add That Is The Question

I get asked this question a lot by business owners; if I should be adding people automatically to my database. Especially since I tell people that your aim is to grow your data base and turn those lovely contacts into happy customers using the Marketing Production...

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“Why won’t you scratch my itch?”

Weird one right? Even weirder when it’s the first thing you say to a business woman as she walks in to a networking event! Let me explain… I was at The Business Woman’s Network event and knew that a business woman that I knew would be there that sells a mascara that I...

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Top Tips For Start Up Creative Businesses

I have just started a conversation on social media with a woman who is setting up her own business in a creative industry. Her big dream is to turn her passion and love for art into a business. I've met many people over the last few months with similar goals. So here...

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Don’t Say It

So I think the final straw that made me write this was the letter I just received. I've been waiting for 3 months to be referred for my severe migraines. I was told when I saw the specialist because of the severity I would be seen urgently. And when I finally received...

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Fear Of Me

If you read the title and thought "What is she talking about?" Then, good. The point is that if I was to stop 100 people on the street and ask them to name their biggest fears I doubt many would say "I fear Me." You see the fact is we like to hide our real fears...

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