modafinil What I would tell Mandie from 10 years ago (and why it's relevant to everyone of you!) | Mandie Holgate
Check me out pre Lupus! I wish I could go back and tell this Mandie what was coming. Mandie before Lupus and business coach and authorActually, maybe I wouldn’t have. That would be cruel to tell her about the 6 years of illness, the doctors dismissing you and the doctors that said your life is over (yes one doctor did tell my husband and I that we should accept that my life was over. I clearly did not!) The scary dashes to A & E struggling to breathe or stand. Having to walk away from your business for a year and a half. The loneliness of illness.
Why do I share this with you? Because behind every successful person is their back story. The things that helped them be what they are today. And if you can truly appreciate that you are everything you need to be right now, then your chances of success could rocket! How cool is that?

Although I would have said to this Mandie of 10 years ago,

“Mandie, I know you are nearly qualified as a coach and that you care deeply about changing peoples lives. Just keep on that path and you will get the things you want.
I know they are not material or financial goals, however, don’t forget that you are allowed those too. Mandie people will tell you that you are an idiot and every other person is a coach nowadays, so what’s make you special. Mandie hold on to the fact that you have and will see more life and experiences in your 38 years than many will see in a life twice as long as yours.
Mandie you need to learn to say yes to (almost) everything and build your confidence with the skills that already exist inside you.Everything you think you can get from being a coach you will and a mountain of awesome things on top.Mandie the only thing that may get in your way is something you can control and that is you. So just remember that you are fabulous, you are gorgeous, you are most certainly good enough and don’t let the people that I’ve seen upset you have a minute in your head, they are not worth it and they come from a place of jealousy, greed and never a place of love and abundance as you naturally do.
And after going through your mental health illness with such bravery and determination, Mandie know you can get through anything, anything!”
That is what I would say to the Mandie in this picture. I’ve learnt so much and I continue to learn so much because that is what someone in personal and professional development does if they always want to be their most authentic, truest, best version of themselves. Always looking to learn more, understand more and respect and love yourself, your mind, body and soul before you go out there and change other people’s lives.
You go girl, oh and I may add “It’s going to be one hell of a ride!”

Why do I share such a personal article? Because if you want to work with a coach, you need to know it someone that understands and appreciates emotional intelligence, resilience and always knowing there is a way. You need to know that whatever you are going through that your coach understands that it can be difficult to change, but you can and will change (if you want to) and get what you want out of life.

I will always wear my heart on my sleeve and be completely honest with you because that integrity, honesty and devotion to being the best version of myself will always manifest into a desire to help others have that too. You are welcome to get in touch for a chat anytime.

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