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I get that not everyone can afford coaching with me so I’ve created these courses that could seriously help you with areas of business and life.

The latest course shares everything I’ve learnt about being asked to write a book by the UK’s leading Non Fiction Publishers (yes they asked me!) and how it’s selling around the world and we just sold the rights to my book to Russia and Turkey (yes that’s more royalties!) So I share honestly what I know works, because it has!

The 6-week kick butt course for business women is an extension of my first book “Your Daily Dose of Business Woman’s Confidence and Success” Where I walk you through what foundations you need to put into place to really make your professional goals a reality.

Creating Confidence was written because it is the biggest impactor I see on success. I can create the best marketing strategy ever, however, if you think you are going to fail or are not good enough, you are likely to damage your results. And so I’ve broken down the lessons to help you rocket your confidence to be able to achieve more.

For someone who can make a sale in 60 seconds and delivers powerful training and key note speeches on the subject of elevator pitches in the course Super charge your 60 seconds I look at the core requirements of a 60 seconds, how to build multiple elevator pitches AND how to turn that into the foundation of a good few months marketing too. (I do like to over deliver!)

And lastly, my Marketing Production Line is my baby. Thanks to this strategy I can literally go on holiday, put my phone on Flight mode for 4 weeks and come back to new sales, opportunities and even Free PR in my business! In this course, I take you through how to be on a beach, busy with business or having fun with family and friends and still rocket sales. And it concentrates on no cost, low-cost strategies to make that happen. (Heck every thing I do is about helping you put more profits in your pocket and that is why if you did every course and bought both my books you still wouldn’t spend over £105!)

If you choose to do one course or of all of the courses, you are welcome to corner me at a BWN meeting for a cuppa and a little extra support and input. And if you are a BWN Insider you can ask me anything, anytime. Recently I’ve been helping people to blog powerfully, overcome their speaking fears and confidence issues, change their website and get in the press. We talk all things personal and professional development and it would be great to welcome you too.

117 pain and pleasure words to engage powerfully with your target audience to rocket sales

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Bonus gift time!

Buy any course and get the top 111 PAIN AND PLEASURE WORDS TO ENGAGE POWERFULLY WITH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE TO ROCKET SALES. I know they work for me and my clients so you can print it off and put it on your office wall and let’s help you rocket sales and success too!

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