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Why choose me as your Coach?

Mandie was one of the UK’s youngest Automotive Bodyshop Managers in the UK and for over 20 years has been helping businesses and individuals achieve to heights they didn’t even know where possible. Dealing with lifelong limiting beliefs, fears and obstacles to success.

Sharing creative solutions and ideas that surprise her clients and can lead clients to being columnists, national speakers and international businesses.

Overcoming massive adversity herself Mandie knows that what you think has a massive impact on what you get. Mandie believes Success is better shared and has an ethos that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to see results with a tagline of “As passionate about your success as you are” and her clients will tell you she means it. Her passion, enthusiasm and energy are unrivaled.

From day one Mandie has gone out of her way to become known as a thought leader for women in business, she is the founder of The Business Woman’s Network widely respected as an exceptional resource for women in business by MEP’s and international authors and speakers and in 2015 was asked to write a book for leading non fiction publishers Pearson’s “Fight the fear – how to beat your negative mindset and win in life” that brings together the top 12 issues that impact on success.

Everything Mandie does shares how she helps clients so you can get similar results too. In 2016 her website for The BWN was named as one of the top 15 resources for female Entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of coaches out there, you need one that walks the walk right?

  1. I can get in the press, win awards and pack events sat on the beach, and I can easily share how you can do that too.
  2. I’ve enabled clients to go on to be considered national and world experts in their professions including in the world of plastic surgery, holidays, interior design, Illustrator & Product Designer and wedding cakes and helped clients gain massive media coverage as well as gaining more clients and overcoming fears that impact on success.
  3. I helped one business owner increase sales by 33% and sell to a 5th of their database.
  4. I helped a business owner in 1 session change their online strategy and before I even got back to the office they had 7 leads and 5 sales.
  5. I helped 1 business owner with a 20 year fear of public speaking successfully speak to 300 of their peers and go on to book 2 other speaking engagements after 1 session.
  6. I’ve won international awards including 50 international inspirational women, national magazines role Model for women, Global Entrepreneurship High Impact Award,
  7. Attended think tanks at the Home Office looking at the issues that impact on women’s success. Department of Trade and Industry looking at the issues that impact on a woman’s success and another on the Glass Ceiling’s Impact on business women’s success with a UK University.
  8. I’m regularly called upon to talk in the media about matters relating to women and business.
  9. I’m a well-respected speaker for many business organisations as well as national charitable organisations, and known for motivating and empowering my audiences
  10. I’m exceptionally prolific on social media and have had conversations with Stephen Fry who described me as a great blogger. (This helped with the book offer!)

I tell you this to showcase how I positioned myself as a thought leader in my industry and the impact it has had on my own business and that of my clients. What could it do for your business?

  • Attended Department of Trade and Industry meetings looking at the issues that impact on a woman’s success and how they can be different to a man’s and with the right support and advice they are capable of achieving. They requested me.
  • I’ve helped look at the issue of the Glass Ceiling’s Impact on business women’s success with a UK University.
  • I’m regularly called upon to talk on radio about matters relating to women and business.
  • I’m a well respected speaker for many business organisations as well as national charitable organisations, who are known for motivating and empowering.
  • Many international professional speakers describe me as one of the best speakers for women they’ve ever heard, as I create a uniquely relaxed environment that leads to change and success.
  • I’m exceptionally prolific on social media and have had conversations with Stephen Fry who described me as a great blogger.
  • I have helped National broadcasting companies with projects
  • I have used social media to gain customers, media opportunities and free marketing worth thousands for both myself and my clients and to help business women not just in the UK
  • I’ve been on national TV.
  • Raised thousands for charity.
  • Helped 100’s and 100’s of women.
  • Overcome my own horrendous fear of public speaking (I’d rather have given birth than stand on a stage!) and have on numerous occasions helped business women overcome theirs in one session.
  • Been contacted by the Home Secretary to work to understand how we can help women achieve their full potential and attend meetings of this ilk.
  • Won awards and helped other business women win awards as well.
  • James Caan, who heads up the Entrepreneurial Business Academy, of which he has a handful of top entrepreneurs that he works with, classed as some of the best in the world. I have worked with one of them on many occasions and he describes me as “A veritable power house when it comes to women in business. If you get the chance to work with Mandie, Do it!”
  • Steve Clarke is the UK’s leading sales and marketing expert and an international Speaker on Sales & Success.
  • Another Millionaire Mentor Mark Rhodes says “I come across a lot of “Life Coaches” and “Business Coaches” and to be honest I am often very disappointed, which was why the minute I met Mandie I took notice. Her confidence, passion and enthusiasm is obvious within seconds, and I became curious. On speaking with Mandie I quickly discovered that not only did she have the presence and confidence in herself, she also has the knowledge and background to go with it. When I decided to run an all day seminar and needed a guest speaker to talk to my audience about coaching, Mandie was the obvious choice and she didn’t disappoint. For me, Mandie has all the right personal and professional qualities I would expect in a coach, and that it is very rare to find in my experience.” Mark Rhodes International Speaker and Author
  • My extensive work coaching business women and from the organisation I set up (The Business Womans Network) that offers business women a networking environment to network and learn new skills.
  • International company Mancroft International, Annabelle Catchpole, says of my other business “If Carlsberg did networking it would look like The Business Woman’s Network”.
  • Before working as a business Woman’s Coach I was a one of the first female vehicle body shop managers in my area of the country at only 23.
  • I am a full time mother that then suffered severe mental health illness and attempted to kill myself twice as well as self harming which led me to learning talking therapies and training as a coach. I’m now also often in the media talking about mental health and business and women as I’m also a Time To Change Ambassador for Mental Health.
  • I was seriously ill for 19 months and only back to work since Sept 2013 and in that time, I’ve had 2 double page spreads in the media, been on the radio 3 times, helped get another 7 business women in the media. One client now has her own column in 3 different publications.
  • I sold my private mentoring club, and I was finalist in the Colchester Business Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Business Woman of the Year and 3 of my business women won awards citing me as one of the reasons they won.
  • I’ve been asked to work on a project at an Enterprise agency for new businesses owned by business women, have numerous speaking engagements and a new 6 week online course that’s proving very popular – just think what I could be doing to help your business!

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